Inside VM


VM Sciences, established in 2007,has a very short history and is strategically located in, what is known as India’s Research hub, Hyderabad – the most happening place for Pharma, biotech and Research Centers. Vinod Kumar A V, promoter of VM Sciences has been involved with the distribution business for over 2 decades with a complete knowledge of the laboratory consumables market in India.


VM began its operations with an objective of providing the scientist / researcher with Laboratory Instruments of advanced technology and Rare Chemical Compounds meant for Analytical and Research work from across the Globe. The primary objective is add value to organizations that carry out research, drug discovery, production by being their source for
  • Technology that speeds up the process without altering the quality,
  • Research and fine Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
The long time goal was to create a distribution network across the country.


To be the most convenient source of supply for every researcher, chemist and scientist in India. To be the extended arm for every Quality Manufacturer of Laboratory consumable or instrument from across the world for their Sales and Service in Indian market.


To get established as a solution provider for the R & D, Quality laboratories in Pharma, biotech industry, Clean room solutions

Goals and Achievements

To set up a company across major markets in the country - Starting from an office in Hyderabad, VM today has extended its operations to Pune, Vishakhapatnam, Bangalore and Trivandrum. By the end of year 2016-17 we intend to have a spread of operations across most of the major markets in India for easy reach to companies and institutes doing critical Research and Analytical work.

Quality Policy

We blend the feature of quality in every activity we carry out. We believe that the concept of quality must become a culture and not just a set of guidelines. The quality policy of the Company aims at achieving and exceeding expectations of its Customers &Vendors by adherence to quality systems encompassing each and every activity and involving each and every employee to ensure consistent delivery of best quality services.


This scope of this niche activity is very high in Indian market especially with the extensive Research and Development activity being outsourced into India and the focus shown by the government in research. With decades of experience of the promoter in the industry we have earned respect and recognition from some of the best known Pharmaceutical companies. The kind of research this industry is engaged in, is extremely time sensitive. The research work being carried out has very stringent timelines where even a delay of a day, could mean a delay in launching a drug that much. Effectively, it could end up being a few million or even a billion-dollar loss. This makes the need to be present in the areas where the industry is very imperative.