Air Borne Disinfection System

The Phileas® airborne disinfection system is based on a patented technology using a rotating disk to deliver an active agent in the form of microscopic droplets in the atmosphere.

The Phileas® range is a product-torque device system suitable for the treatment of all types of volumes. Smaller (less than 1 m³) to the largest (several thousand m³) and various configurations (height, Multi rooms).

Spinning disc technology:
Our “microdrop technology” is based on a spinning disk which centrifuges liquid into very small droplets. These very small droplets permit the transformation of liquid into vapour.
Micro-droplets born of high precision technology.

Complete product range of airborne disinfection units 4 devices, same technology. Each machine was created to treat different volume needs. Common components are used throughout the range. A protective cover is provided, because this high performance technology merits being treated with care. All machines are CE certified.

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    Remote Programing and control

    Simple intuitive operating interface. Possibility to set-up and monitor the disinfection process from outside the area due to touchpad. Traceability and collection of process data through connection to PC. Possibility of controlling several machines with only one touchpad

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    Phileas GENIUS

    The Expertise Of Very Small Volumes

    With its rotating head and height-adjustable foot, Phileas® Genius® can be easily inserted into the structure of isolators, freeze dryers, biosafety cabinets, sterilizing ovens, or even into serving hatches or double-door locks.
    Indeed, its large handles can be used with gloves.
    It is designed especially for treating very small volumes between 0.25m3 and 10m3.

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    Phileas 25

    The Mobile Perfect Tool

    True to its spirit of nomadic and simple implementation, Phileas®25 moves easily to handle SAS and other small volumes thanks to robust handles. It can be used on sector or NiMH battery.
    Programming cycles enable optimized disinfection in complete autonomy.
    It is designed especially for treating small volumes between 3m3 and 40m3.

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    Phileas 75

    It Has Everything A Big One Has

    With high treatment capacity, Phileas®75 offers an excellent compromise Autonomy / Mobility.
    Very compact, it moves easily through its specially designed telescopic handle and 2 wheels to support you in disinfecting with average volumes.
    Phileas®75 can be pre-programmed, and runs without requiring the presence of an operator. You can easily et quicly program a diffusion for your team.
    It is designed especially for treating medium volumes between 20m3 and 150m3.

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    Phileas 250

    Designed For Demanding Industrial And Laboratory

    Phileas®250 is particularly designed for demanding environment such as industrial facilities and Laboratories with large volumes.
    That can treat multiple rooms simultaneously, the powerful distribution provided by its two modules guarantees a fine and homogeneous mist.
    It perform to a high degree of accuracy by measuring the weight of the diffused liquid.
    Thanks to its wheels, Phileas®250 can move freely to accommodate a wide range of volumes (between 50m3 and 600m3)